Manual and videos from IOM

The MESI project has exchanged experiences on migrant entrepreneurship with IOM (International Organization for Migration). IOM has produced a manual and a video guide called Doing business – Practical guide for migrant entrepreneurs. Read more about the materials below and check them out (available in English, French and Italian).

This manual is intended as a useful tool for those who want to do business and thus contribute to the development of both their home and target communities. Collaboration with the private sector is essential for migration to be seen as an opportunity and for the potential arising from it to be fully exploited.

The videos “Doing Business – Practical Guide for migrant entrepreneurs”, are a guide developed to offer basic principles to those who want to set up a business, in Italy or elsewhere. The videos are the result of IOM activities in support of migrant entrepreneurship which aim at enhancing the benefits arising from the circulation of people and knowledge. Such benefits are mirrored in inclusive multicultural enterprises that leverage diversity as an opportunity for growth and for opening up to new markets.

The manual in French:
The videos in French:

The manual in Italian:
The videos in Italian:

Transnational Webinar

The MESI project team is inviting you to the webinar “Promoting and Supporting Migrant Entrepreneurship” which will take place on the 24th of February at 14:00 CET.
In this webinar, we are going to explore the needs and challenges experienced by migrant entrepreneurs and present the tools developed by the MESI project to promote migrant entrepreneurship. We are going to go through a set of good practices on migrant entrepreneurship and provide recommendations for strengthening the impact of similar initiatives! We are going to introduce you to our MESI platform which includes 6 modules on entrepreneurship and present success stories from migrant entrepreneurs!!! To sign up for the webinar please click here! For more information about the programme please click on the icon below.

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