Protocol for the acquisition of skills and competences on entrepreneurship

The project team will develop a protocol for the identification of strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches in migrant entrepreneurship, which are applied in the different European countries. 
See report: MESI_Needs_Assessment_Report

Repository of good practices and innovations

The partnership will develop a framework for the identification of good practices on among the EU countries, which will serve as a guide for incorporating elements, which will enhance the impact of the local activities, implemented by adult educators, trainers and professionals working with migrants.

See report: MESI_Good Practices and Innovations


An e-course on entrepreneurship will be developed, specifically designed to tackle the educational and training needs of migrants by equipping adult education professionals, trainers and professionals working with migrants with the tools needed for engaging migrants in entrepreneurial initiatives as well as increasing their participation in such activities.  

The curriculum will address the following topics:

  1. Introduction to entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurial attitudes and skills
  2. Legal and regulatory framework
  3. Strategic Planning and Project Management
  4. Access to Markets
  5. Understanding the Local Business Culture
  6. Funding and Fundraising

Find the e-course here:

In-service training toolkit

The toolkit is expected to provide adult educators, trainers and professionals working with migrants with the knowledge and tools needed for using the curriculum on entrepreneurship among migrant groups and help them develop an outreach plan for engaging migrants in educational and training opportunities. 

See the in-service training toolkit: In-service Training Toolkit_MESI